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Livswell aligns financial strategies with our clients’ intention for their financially independent years.

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Retirement Strategies

As post-career planning specialists that focus on retirement, we understand the complexity of Medicare and increasing health care costs, maximizing social security, income planning, housing considerations, transitioning to assisted living and more. At the same time, we partner with you to do more than simply seeking to protect assets and mitigate risk – we help you access and manage the resources you need to travel, connect with your community, support causes you care about and leave a lasting legacy.

Investment Management

When it comes to investment management, our philosophy is built upon three pillars: efficiency, attentiveness, and awareness. By working daily with our investment team to assess financial markets and global economies, and blending a number of volatility management strategies, we strive to offer a low total cost portfolio designed to responsibly manage your assets. Our commitment to your intentions for your life, discovered through our blueprinting process, empowers us to set specific goals and measure success through action and not merely accumulation.

Financial Planning

Our work begins with you and a thoughtful look at your intentions for life through our blueprinting process. We then set and define both short and long-term goals, manage short and medium-term liquidity and take taxation into consideration along with liability, protection and many other financially impactful decisions. As retirement professionals, we specialize in organizing, managing and distributing income. From start to finish, we measure and track your progress to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Estate Planning

Protecting assets is just as important as growing them. We help clients identify how they would like to pass their legacy on from one generation to the next. By navigating this process with you, we seek to minimize taxes and focus on making sure your wishes are carried out as specified. If you need us to, we’ll also introduce you to qualified CPAs and attorneys who can assist with your specific situation. Most importantly, we work from a clear understanding of how you wish to be remembered and the legacy you hope to leave behind.

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