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Financial freedom demands answers to complex questions. 

The constraints of a conventional career can help many avoid tough decisions about their intention for life by dictating where they will be, what they can afford and how they will make an impact on those around them. For the retired and those beyond the limitations of a career, those with the freedom to choose and create, acting from values and intentions is essential. This is where we begin our work. We partner with clients to discover their values, learn their intentions and manage their resources accordingly.

We don’t simply protect assets, we identify the purpose they serve in relationship to your life. We don’t merely seek to grow investments, we steer them towards the outcomes they are intended to create.

We don’t see the end of a career as a destination. It’s only the beginning.

The LIV Process

At Livswell, we work with every client to Learn, Instill and Verify, our three-part methodology that produces financial planning in alignment with true intention and focused on creating transformational outcomes.

1. Learn

A relationship with Livswell begins a thorough assessment of your financial situation and a blueprinting exercise designed to help us discover your values and intentions. The blueprint is a facilitated process that has us discover what matters most, what moves and motivates you and the areas of life where financial freedom can make the greatest impact. This exercise, in tandem with a thorough financial review, sets the foundation for everything to come.

2. Instill

Working from your true intentions and a detailed knowledge of your present financial situation, we create a plan that is instilled with purpose. In addition to the necessities any client should expect, such as income management, asset protection and risk mitigation, our plans align with your goals around family, community, faith, and the experiences you envision during your post-career years.

3. Verify

We execute our plans through an active management process that has us constantly connected to the intentions and commitments made when we began the journey. Within this partnership, we understand that circumstances change, thoughts change, and sometimes you just need help thinking through the possibilities. Our experienced team is trained to navigate these conversations and react as goals and intentions change. Our aim in every instance, over the years we work together, is to always verify that your financial planning is in alignment with your intentions around creating the life you really want.

The Livswell Connection

Our clients are part of the Livswell community. Once you are on board, we’ll connect you to local, vetted professionals specializing in all the areas specific to financial independence and retirement. From CPAs and estate planning attorneys to health insurance and assisted living consultants to travel agents, nutritionists and trainers. If you are looking for a referral we can connect you to someone we feel great about.

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Ongoing Support

We have an open door policy and encourage clients to stay in regular contact. Have a question? Want to sit down and look at something? Let us know—we’re here to help you understand your portfolio and investment strategies. Clarity is confidence and we want you to have it.

Financial newsletters keep clients up to date and informed about global economies and financial markets. This information is curated by a team of experienced professionals and helps connect the thinking of the investment team with what is happening currently in the news and around the world.

Regular quarterly phone calls allow us to catch up and discuss changes that may have occurred since we last spoke. We answer all your questions and evaluate whether any life events could have an impact on your portfolio. Our proactive approach ensures that we are not letting life get in the way of your financial future.

The annual review offers an in-depth look at your account. We review trades, ensure your investment goals are current and up to date, and discuss future investment strategies. Our goal is clarity, which is why we track and quantify progress, evaluate your plan and make adjustments in accordance with any changes that have occurred in your life. Because let’s face it, life changes and plans should keep up.

Client resources
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